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Mathios Stone Extra Stone Glue

Extra Stone Glue. The Right Adhesive for your Project.

Before starting your stonework it is important to select the correct bedding adhesive to ensure efficient stone bond and high performance. Extra Stone Glue is a Special Acrylic heavy duty elastic adhesive especially composed for manufactured stone veneers & brick slips. It has high adhesive strength and is applicable on internal and external surfaces. Additionally, its high durability to extreme temperature conditions (humid, heat or frost) make Extra Stone Glue the ideal choice despite the location and the installation surface.

It is categorized as C2TES1 type according to ΕΝ 12002
Mathios Stone Extra Stone Glue

Easy Glue. Ready to use Adhesive with Instant Grip.

An incredible, instant grab adhesive, based on advanced MS Polymer technology. It is applicable on all internal surfaces and bonds instantly all kind of stones. There is no need for shuffling and therefore, it does not dirt. It is ready to use and has multiple applications. Easy Glue is the ideal choice for DIY constructions and small scale installations.
Mathios Stone Extra Stone Glue

MatBuilt. Applicable to Bricks, blocks, stonework and general patching and repointing. Setting is ac

  • Add only water for the preparation of the mix.
  • Large variety of colours matching different aesthetics : White, Beige, Gray, Pearl Gray, Dark Gray, Dusk, Gold
  • Available in 25 kg paper bag.
  • White colour comes also in 8 kg package.
Mathios Stone Extra Stone Glue

Mat Protect Plus. Protect your stonework.

Mat Protect is a silicon varnish protective treatment that safeguards the beauty of architectural stone veneer. Designed to provide highly effective ability to resist
penetration by water, it is a colourless waterproofing treatment for exterior and interior, ready to be applied without any dilution over the stones. Due to its
composition, it provides lower porosity which results in anti-freezing protection and tolerance in chlorine water. Mat Protect is recommended for buildings,
water pools, floors, walls, and walkways close to the seaside and exposed to chlorine water and sea-spray.